Another week gone by. at a seemingly glacial pace. While I’m into the slowing of the passage of time I’d also like to be at the point I know how to manage myself and the medicine around me.

I spent this week getting more on my feet in clinic to do as much as I can on my own. Not to say I’m not relying on anyone, I sure do need the help, but trying to be more self sufficient and efficient. I’ve got that med student mentality to an extent, just wanting to be helpful but that’s not my job anymore. I need to actually produce results, not help someone else do that. I made some headway on Monday, actually seeing a good chunk of patients, 3 in the morning on my own which apparently is a lot for an intern less than 2 weeks in.

And you know what makes you even more aware you aren’t the med student anymore? Having your own med student. Having to watch out for another lost soul when you’re still pretty lost yourself. I hope I did a good job working with her and teaching her something. Interns have a pretty strong reputation for being kinda dumb and I am no exception. I tried to study after match…but…all that motivation goes down the drain if you don’t have something to study for in the interim. It’s the worst senioritis I’ve ever had. Again, hope I did my job as resident as teacher.

The rest of the week just sort of chugged along considering we started out In-Training Exams (resident benchmark exams) though mine isn’t until next Wednesday. But it picked back up again on Saturday since I was able to link back up with the doc I did an away rotation with (at my hospital I’m at now) to work a professional women’s soccer game. It’s not exactly peds, but I do really like sports medicine so I was stoked to go and just stand on the field. I even learned a few things here and there. Field medicine is pretty freakin’ cool, at least for me.

And you know, meet some of the players which was pretty cool.

Very cool.

Some types of medicine just hit you right the heart.

Sunday I was supposed to go do something with my husband and friends close by for the world cup but I woke up feeling crappy and I was afraid if I pushed myself I’d wake up on Monday sick. And who takes a sick day 2 weeks into residency? WHO? While that didn’t happen, at least we managed to spend some time with my co-intern. We’re getting along pretty damn well, which I hope continues and can start to happen with the uppers too. Though that may take a while.

Here comes week three, and I’m on my own in clinic in the AM (help).

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