Well so much for keeping up. The last few weeks have been a wild. Mostly because after a stint of nights in the ED follow by a month of the floor which includes a struggle to study for step 3 I just haven't found the time to write or really do anything except work, study... Continue Reading →


I've had things to write about but why I choose to do so many things as a resident is beyond me. I started my Emergency Medicine rotation over the past two weeks, much to my personal dismay. Emergency medicine is one of those specialties people idealize outside of medicine, sort of like they do surgery.... Continue Reading →


I had goals this week. As I said last time, I got some tough feedback, some of which made no sense but some of which was warranted. And I wanted to fix some of those issues this week, specifically my presenting. I know what the general idea must be; you're more than six months into... Continue Reading →


I really got off the rails posting when NICU started, which I expected to happen but I really wasn't able to jump back in. It was 3 months of BS scheduling wise, so I will have separate thing about it because that was an Experience. Anyways, there are for sure better ways to start a... Continue Reading →


Another week, another Time on The Floor. I'm always surprised by the amount of pathology we get at our hospital. We get a lot of bread and butter pediatrics of course, your run of the mill RSV and croup and asthma but also things you may not see often in other places, like kawasaki's.  It's... Continue Reading →

10/29/2018 – 11/4/2018

You know what's better than halloween? Halloween in a pediatric hospital. Because I got to be dressed like a witch for 10 hours and be a doctor and people have to take me seriously with my face painted like a galaxy. So great. But another week on the floor down! And not too bad, really.... Continue Reading →


It's kind of been an entire month. Oops. To be fair, I've been on vacation for a while and going to Australia is a lot of work. So I've been busy doing life things and enjoying that my aussie friends say I have an accent. I already want to go back. Anyways, my final note... Continue Reading →


Elective life is a good one. I've really been liking neurology for one week I've been on it, it's been a very interesting thing to be a part of. I will say, coming right off the floor I knew a good chunk of the patients we had before the rotation even started. I like starting... Continue Reading →

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