Elective life is a good one.

I’ve really been liking neurology for one week I’ve been on it, it’s been a very interesting thing to be a part of. I will say, coming right off the floor I knew a good chunk of the patients we had before the rotation even started. I like starting on a strong foot.

One of those patients was my girl with the meningitis which was so great to continue and follow her care until she was set for discharge. It’s a really great learning experience to see someone from the start all the way until resolution, which is just another reason why I don’t emergency medicine calls to me. I like to see the end. But she did really well and improved so much. She’s going to a center where they can help her get arm and head control back but she got her spunk back, which made me so happy.

My preceptor is one of the most well known to our program, known for being a hardass but I think I’m doing a pretty good job of keeping up. He also told me my notes, which were under the wrong tab, were good. So I’m taking the positive from that, and running with it. I do put a lot of work into my notes though, because I realized on night float that we are using each other notes and residents to present and learn about patients. Our attendings sometimes look through our notes if they’re feeling it for feedback. Don’t get me wrong. I like good feedback., but I think being able to do my best so someone else can do their best is way more important than “being graded”.

This week felt short (even though it wasn’t) but I’m having a good time and I feel better so that’s all I need to go into next week.

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