I slept for 13 hours on Friday, if that answers any secondary questions.

Is there anyone who feels like the floor isn’t a beast? Enjoying it, totally great. But even if you love the floor can anyone say its not so hard? Because it is. The floor is the culmination of everything you need to know as an intern…I do not know. BUT I feel like I got a little better as the weeks last went. I mean the first two weeks I was a mess. All my evals essentially said I need to work on organization.

Washy tape and notebooks accident in rose gold, check.

This last weeks was berserk though. I mean, the floor was completely full 2 days in a row. We had to do an ED to ED transfer which is not supposed to be a thing. But was. Our frequent flier was back, I managed to piss off a few parents (listen, if you turn down the one open bed in the pediatric hospital because its not a private room you’re not allowed to be upset you were in the ED for 16 hours. YOU CHOSE THIS), and have seen things I never though I would have.

Like a 2 yo girl who came in and no one could figure out what was wrong. Without going into too much since it’s still a fairly recent thing, she came in almost somnolent after a week of nothing more than a cold and after some serious intense and rapidly developing clinical symptoms despite no lab or imaging abnormalities. She ended up having HHV-6 meningitis. We’re taught in med school pretty much anything has the ability to become a meningitis if it can cause an infection but we were pretty blown away.

It was just the cherry on top of a crazy week, but by the last day not only was I able to let me senior sleep (as in I did whatever I could to figure out issues myself as long as they were within my scope) and signed out in a reasonable amount of time.

Who knows, maybe I’m getting somewhere.

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