Nursery is finally done!

The last week was insane! End on bang with a full census and just crazy things happening left and right. In from NICU out from NICU, sugar babies, coombs, bilis, light and all that jazz.

It was really a culmination of everything we’d experienced over the last three weeks with a little extra sprinkled on top. I will say, doing anything in the hospital is much more enjoyable when you know what you’re doing (even a little) even if its not your favorite thing. I learned a ton while there so it was definitely worth it. Though it doesn’t make me more excited to do NICU in a few months. Still not my jam.

In the midst of all this learning we did almost have a bad time. We had a baby in a c-section that took 7-8 minutes and a clamp to get out. That’s not great. I was just standing there, waiting with a warm blanket for this kid, chanting to myself that everything would be okay despite the fight I was terrified of being handed a baby that wouldn’t make it. My senior made sure I was keeping a level head, but man, and I glad everything ended up okay. It was touch and go their for a second and I think it was a hard lesson in always having a healthy amount of insight to yourself.

I’m keeping this a littler shorter, mostly because I’m dead tired from starting floors and it’s only day too.

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