6/25/2018 – 7/1/2018

The plan is once a week I do a reflection on being a resident and my life and all that jazz because my memory is kinda sucky and I want to remember everything.

Because my life has been a r i d e.

But lets jump into this week.


Some places have orientation for two weeks but I got pretty lucky with my place that even at this point it was worth the move across the country. And it didn’t even seem too excessive? What is everyone else doing? We managed to complete BLS, ACLS, NRP and PALS (and after they forgot to schedule us for PALS ta boot), all the legal junk, benefits and everything else all while getting us out before 5 PM most days. I’m digging the efficiency.

And maybe I’m speaking too soon but damn it feels like this program really cares about the residents. Revisit me in two months and we’ll see but as of now it’s such a breath of fresh air to have faculty and administration that want to put effort in to us. My medical school preached it, but failed miserably between high and mighty teaching faculty, horrible clinical education staff, and the ability to take adult students and their concerns seriously. Don’t get me wrong my school had it’s merits as well, but unless certain things change within the next few years I won’t be donating any money to the alumni association if you know what I mean.

Aside from what could a pages long rant, getting through some of the resuscitation certifications opens puts me somewhere between “man I can’t believe I’m THE provider” and “I’m going to kill someone”. Especially NRP, which is for neonates and bitty babies. Nothing scares me more than bitty babies (except vaginal deliveries but I won’t be doing any of those ever again if I can help it). Luckily, I start on clinic this month and my exposure will be way broader. Pray for me next month when I’m on nursery though.

My house is still in shambles and I’m slowly working through it (no thanks to a certain HUSBAND) and will hopefully be done at the end of this week since I start on clinic, which is supposed to be a little less intense. Plus, I don’t start call until the end of July (another lucky break) which means I might have time for life? Perhaps?

But the best part of this week, more than anything else was meeting my new classmates. It’s always nerve-racking to be in a new class whether you’re in the 3rd grade or starting residency. It’s a little more high stakes when it’s just 9 of us (medium sized program for peds) but we seemed to have clicked pretty well. It wasn’t immediately and it can take a minute to get us going but I really like them. More than coworkers I want to badly for us to be great friends. Everyone insists that’s what happens in residency anyway, but hey, you always gotta keep that in your heart.

Here comes Monday, just call me doctor!

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